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Most courses are about procrastination. This one is about practice. Identify great scripts, master proper format, learn visual description and articulate story structure.

Learn the fundamentals of screenwriting during 22 days of practice.



Welcome to the Red Carpet of our screenwriting courses.

Everyone knows you have to read great scripts. But what is a great script? Is the script for every great movie worth reading?
And not every great script available online is in a legible or acceptable format.
I’m sure you’ve seen numerous transcripts, html gobbledygook and disformatted txt-files. None of that in this program.
Instead, some of our snippets were cleaned up via Final Draft exports, using original scans and digital files.

What you are not getting

In this course, no one is going to tell you what you can and cannot write. There will be no tutor lecturing you on the theory of story structure. (Okay, you’ll be allowed to watch a short lecture here and there as a bonus. But it’s certainly not part of the core training.)

And you will not have to memorise a single thing.

Twenty-two minutes daily, for twenty-two days

On the other hand, you’ll have to do a lot of work yourself. But don’t fret: this work will be simple and enjoyable. You’ll be able to finish it all in little more than 22 minutes every day.
I can already see the smile on your face, when in 22 days you realise for the first time you truly master the fundamentals of screenwriting.

To get there, you will savour excerpts from over 40 scripts, 2 of which you’ll have read in their entirety. What you will do with them, I will explain on day 1 of the training.

Now, take off your shoes and sign up, so we can begin!

8 reviews for Barefoot Script

  1. Tosh (verified owner)

    Accountability and consistency – that’s what this course is all about. Karel has done the hard work by providing only the creme de la creme of scripts to study and copy. I’m only a quarter of the way through this course and i’m already hooked. I wish it could go for longer than 22 days…

  2. Michelle Patkowski (verified owner)

    Screenwriting is a craft and it’s important to keep practicing and creating. Barefoot has given me a daily practice with some great script choices. I look forward everyday to the new module with new script examples. It has already given me motivation and brought my skills up to date in certain areas, it really helps you get into your groove! Loving this course.

  3. Paul Toohey

    Fantastic course that will give you the skills and motivation to get ideas out of your head and onto the page. Karel is a great teacher who is clearly at the top of his game.

  4. Dimitri Sydney Au

    Barefoot Screenwriting is great way to get hands on experience, building your writing habit . You’ll work with real scripts which have rocked the industry, or if not yet produced, have true green-light potential. You don’t need to go to LA. Here in Australia Karel Segers has been teaching Screen Writing for may years with real world experience. You don’t need to be in Australia either, the online nature of the course and regular screen meetups in multiple time-zones caters for all regions. We currently have beginners to professional writers in the same journey, from Asia, Europe and Americas. Cost and time effective, you dedicate a daily 22 mins; which is achievable and actually very enjoyable. Deceptively simple, but effective. nothing to lose if you ‘say you want to be writer’.

  5. Cheryl Fagan (verified owner)

    I really needed someone to give me the incentive to start, & I’m so proud I took the initiative to begin from absolute scratch. Not knowing the language or what the course entailed, pushed me into learning the new screenwriting software & the bare facts of learning to access scripts correctly, to my advantage. It’s thoroughly enjoyable, instructive & I could not ask for a more skilled teacher than Karel.

  6. Lori Johnson (verified owner)

    This is an excellent course that tackles screenwriting from both an overall understanding of story and a nuts and bolts view of storytelling format. Highly recommend. Will be taking additional courses.

  7. Alessandra Coury (verified owner)

    Karel Segers’ 22 days course is the best entrance to screenwriting. Whether you are only starting or are more experienced, Barefoot Script allows you to build an habit of around 30mn per day (you need to stick to it !) and learn screenwriting in a fast track manner. Through 3 modules, you discover a large number of very differents scripts, go through them, assess them and improve your screenwriting techniques. The goal of this course is not to make you the best screenwriter ever in only 22 days but it gives you the tools to start the journey with some extra help. Educational and fun, I recommend it.

  8. Jeffrey Hamilton (verified owner)

    If you want to be a screenwriter but struggle with thinking like one, this is the course to change that. It’s the first step that nobody told you about, until now. It has done more than any book on screenwriting I’ve read, in terms of getting me to write everyday without format getting in the way of storytelling. Simple and effective, I am impressed how well it actually worked for me. I highly recommend it.

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