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Immersion Script.

The latest from the Immersion method.

Using 35 years of experience in the film industry, we designed a deceptively simple way to acquire muscle memory fast, and write scripts effectively.

Immersion Script preps you to write a first draft quickly and easily. This action-based method shows the masters on a level deeper than any other screenwriting course.

Practice script formatting and action description, learn specific challenges in a variety of genres, and master the fundamentals of screenwriting in only 22 days.

Immense Results.

Identify Great Scripts

Learn to intuitively understand what a great professional screenplay looks like, by assimilating the greatest scripts.

Master Proper Format

Develop the muscle memory of writing in industry screenplay format, through daily practice with the masters.

Learn Visual Description

Acquire the talent to translate visual ideas into the written word, by reverse engineering scenes in various genres.

Articulate Story Structure

Develop the analytical skills to edit and improve your own work structurally, through writing effective synopses.

A Tale, the Tools and (a little) Time.

A Tale
Everyone has a tale to tell. And you must. Or else, it will fester in your mind, distract and agitate you. Stories are there to be shared. If yours is still rough, we’ll equip you to write it out fast once you’re ready. BYO story.

The Tools
All you need is a computer, a tablet or even your phone. We’ll show you how to access professional software, and you’ll learn the skills to write your story in the industry standard format – fast.

All you need is 22 minutes a day, for 22 days. During that time, we’ll help you set a writing routine, and you’ll be amazed what you achieve.

Learn scriptwriting with speed, ease and joy. Join Immersion Script.

22 days of practice.
A mere 22 minutes each day.

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Student Testimonials

I am loving this course. You have to work hard but you’ll be doing what you love. The ‘Immersion’ concept really works. I would recommend this course without hesitation.

– Catherine McClintock

If you want to be a master painter, it helps to reproduce the masters. The same for screenwriting. Only by emulating the best will you fully understand what you are really aspiring to.

– David Gould

I went from zero and no clue to the Stage 32 Short Film Script Semifinals, all because of Immersion Screenwriting. Nothing beats the steady “learning by doing”. Thank you!

– Cathinka Brustad

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$99 USD

22 days

8-11 hours total

access to 22 scripts

completion certificate

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$149 USD

28 days

28 hours total

access to 22 scripts

completion certificate

two 1-on-1 zooms


$199 USD

50 days

50 hours total

access to 40+ scripts

completion certificate

two 1-on-1 zooms

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